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Practical E/M   •   Solutions for Quality Healthcare   •    Stephen R. Levinson, MD


  • Practical E/M Documentation and Coding Solutions

    To promote quality care & productivity through compliant, efficient Intelligent Medical Records (IMR) forms

  • Electronic Health Records

    EHR assessment plus practice transformation strategies to facilitate successful implementation and cost effectiveness

  • Practical E/M Audits and Auditing Software

    For coders, compliance specialists, medical practices, hospitals, and consultants

  • Compliance Analysis & Support

    For medical practices, hospitals, & their attorneys, who are undergoing compliance audits

  • Medical Student and Resident Training For E/M Compliance and Quality Patient Care


It has been my privilege to work with Dr Stephen Levinson…. His knowledge and application of E&M rules is more extensive than any other physician I have worked with….. His work has been indispensable for teaching physicians and nurses in our organization.”
Janice L. Dunbar, RN, MBA, CPHQ


Since our 15 physician practice adopted the Intelligent Medical Record (IMR) system, we’ve been able to offer better patient care, achieve consistently superior documentation, and rapidly identify problem areas.The IMR prompts our physicians and staff to get higher-quality patient information and in turn, prompts our patients to reveal more in-depth, specific details about their health. I am more confident that our doctors could and would pass any audit we might face. We can’t imagine practicing without it!”
Lorie Davis, Clinical Director; University Otolaryngologists, Inc.