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Presentation Topics


Practical E/M   •   Solutions for Quality Healthcare   •    Stephen R. Levinson, MD


  • Practical E/M for Physicians

    Documentation & coding solutions for quality patient care, combined with Intelligent Medical Records to ensure E/M compliance, documentation efficiency, and appropriate productivity increases

  • Enhancing EHR Functionality at the Point of Care

    Improving data entry design features to improve physician usability, E/M compliance, and quality patient care

  • Health Information Transformation (HITr)

    Solutions for successful planning & preparation for EHR implementation

  • Pay for Performance & Electronic Health Records

    Exploring the incentives and financial consequences for quality care

  • Practical E/M Audits and Compliance Programs
    • Providing constructive internal audits for medical practices to benefit compliance, quality care, and productivity
    • Providing external audits for insurers to promote physician education on compliance and quality care

  • Intelligent Medical Record Tools & the Practical E/M Approach in Medical Education

    Providing young physicians with the methodology and tools to provide comprehensive care efficiently and effectively

  • Medical Practice Survival: Identifying & Combating Non-Compliant Insurer Tactics

  • NUMBERS: Identifying & Addressing the Financial Issues Challenging Physicians in the Current Healthcare Environment

  • Medicaidization: Economic Realities in the Age of Managed Care

    Exploring the consequences of insurance participation on quality of care, access, & the ethical landscape

    Developing strategies for financial success in the current medical environment


“Dr. Levinson’s skills as a presenter, and his wide-ranging knowledge of documentation and E&M coding have been a valuable resource for me. The materials and tools he has created emphasize quality of patient care and stress quality auditing reports as a means of educating physicians.”
Janice L. Dunbar, RN, MBA, CPHQ